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San Diego Indiefest ’11

My cousin also had an art show down at San Diego Indiefest back in April as well. Unlike the other art show this one focuses more on musical artists with the fine artists being a side attraction. Many of the same artists from RAW displayed their work here as well but to be honest it was more fun listening to the bands play at this festival. Part of it might be that I already saw most of the work before. Indiefest it just a fun day to eat food and listen to music. They also play independent films at a screening room for people to watch although I didn’t get the chance to watch any of them. It’s pretty much a festival to celebrate independent artists. Interestingly enough I believe I remember seeing a graphic designer there who was showing off her work there. I didn’t take a good look at her work but I just thought it was interesting to see a graphic designer with all these fine artists. One thing that caught my attention at the festival was an open mic stand for anyone to come up to and perform. I thought it was interesting to see all the different people who came up to do something. Everyone from poets to even the janitor playing the guitar came to do something. ┬áThat to me was the most unique thing about the festival


RAW Art Show

I attended the RAW art show back in April down in downtown San Diego at the Ivy hotel. My cousin, Christopher Kim, had his work displayed there. RAW is an event that focuses mainly on local, unknown talent. My cousin is an artist whose main medium is sumi painting which is all about brush strokes. There were many other artists at the show as well ranging from photographers, fashion designers and painters. It was a fun night and a good experience to see all the local talent. Other then my cousin there was one particular painter there whose work I really enjoyed. I don’t quite remember her name but she had this painting of a ship out at sea with a really awesome fog like effect to it. It really gave the painting a haunting feel and I believe it was one of the few paintings that actually managed to sell that night. It’s sad to see so much talent but no one buying the work. These are some of my cousin’s paintings:

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Bouncing Cats

On April 18th I went to go see the Bouncing Cats film that the school played at the Clark. The film is about a program in South Uganda that teaches the youth to break dance. First of all this film was really good. I’ve seen many documentaries about poverty in third world countries but this one was different. This film focused on hope. Break dancing has become an escape for these kids in a positive way and it was so powerful to see the joy in their eyes as they danced. The program has also branched out to Northern Uganda which is dangerous because of the war. One scene that really stood out to me was when a break dancer named Crazy Legs (one of the pioneers of break dancing back in New York) came to Uganda and there were so many kids that showed up to learn how to dance that they couldn’t fit in the building. That to me just shows how much the youth has this hunger to learn and that this program is really working. After the movie I felt inspired to do something. If there’s anything to be said about this film, it’s that it’s inspiring and it makes you want to help in any way you can

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